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Bota Bota and ice canoeing : a match made in winter

I remember back in 2013 finding out that the Montreal ice canoe race would be revived. I also remember the excitement I felt at hearing the news, perhaps because this traditional sport reflects what Bota Bota is all about. Both are intimately tied to the Saint-Lawrence, and both have to do with physical health. Canoeists understand the importance of allowing the body to recuperate after strenuous exercise. They don’t see a session at the spa as a frivolous luxury, but rather as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that includes thermotherapy and massage therapy. Preventing injury and muscle stiffness, reinforcing the immune system, and improving blood flow are all of great importance to high-performance athletes.

Because ice canoeing is an amateur sport practiced exclusively by true devotees, teams often need financial and logistical support. As soon as we learned an ice canoe race was being organized in Montreal, we set about finding a team that needed our support. We heard about a new women’s team entering its first season, and enthusiastically offered them our help. We’re now very pleased that our team has shot to the top of their sport in record time.

Our love affair with ice canoeing doesn’t stop there.
By the second year of the Montreal Ice Canoe Challenge, we decided to become a main sponsor of the event for several reasons. First, the Challenge brings a lot of action to our immediate vicinity, the Old Port of Montreal, a part of the city that tends to be rather quiet in winter. Second, it’s a free community event that brings together local crowds, tourists and athletes from all over Quebec who share our deep-held values. In short, it’s a relationship we value.

We look forward to this Saturday, February 21st, and we hope you’ll be able to join us at the Clock Tower Quay starting at 11 a.m. See you there!