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On silence: how to make it your own

“Silence is a tranquility, but never a void, it is clear, but never lacks in color, it is rhythmic, it is the foundation of all thought.” – Yehudi Menuhin

At a time when silence is becoming scarce, it is essential to make room for it, to learn how to make it our own. It may have a tendency to scare, by its width, by the gaping space that it leaves in its path, in which our thoughts get lost.

In order to familiarize yourself with it, it might be worth visiting some places that inspire silence and make it less frightening. Above all, it must be understood that silence does not necessarily indicate the total absence of sound. It can exist, discreetly.

For example, museums, like churches, are places where only the echo of footsteps can be heard. Forests and fields are full of rustling leaves and birdsong. Without the addition of forced noises, such as that emitted by motor vehicles or by construction, the mind is thus freer to explore thoughts as they come and go.

Visiting these places might not be possible or access might be limited. However, silence can also be lived within a home in a few simple steps. Manual activities such as cooking or tidying up a room can be done in a calm state without external visual or hearing stimulation. The distractions often used during these activities, with a radio or television, can remain off to allow you to gain some inner peace brought on by silence.

Meditation is an excellent guide to teach you how to channel your thoughts while gradually introducing silence into your daily routine. Like all new habits, it’s important to take it easy in order to not feel overwhelmed by this change.

In order to bring you to a spa, where silence is also essential, from the confort of your own home, Bota Bota has created for you 5 Meditative Imagery capsules to help you disconnect for a few moments. You can find them here.

As the world slows down around us, let’s take the time to appreciate the silence, to face it and accept it for what it is: an indispensable resource.