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How to Start the New School Year on the Right Foot

A subject that is visible on all fronts: TV, radio, shops, newspapers… The start of the new school year is coming, and with it comes its share of stress and good resolutions. We give you all our tips for tackling it with well-being and serenity.

Learn to get organised   

Good organisation means good time and task management. This will give you more freedom, time and clarity of mind to relax and enjoy every precious moment. Whether it’s with lists, a diary or an app, you are spoilt for choice. Anything goes, just put some colour and heart into it.

A good overhead view of your schedule will help you to calm down. You can then optimise your free time for sports, cultural or entertainment activities.

Time for yourself  

You now have time for your own well-being. Take advantage of the present moment to leave your phone behind. Then take care of your body and mind.   

Opt for small changes that will give you moments of joy and well-being.    

Your well-being also depends on what you eat. Cook more often and learn how to eat a balanced diet while enjoying yourself.   
Some recipe ideas here

Move as much as possible. For short trips, walk instead of driving, take the stairs, use a Bixi

Take care of yourself. Leave yourself time to look after your body with treatments, scrubs, masks… One watchword: pamper yourself!   
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Have a good start!