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The kiss

The kiss.

The kiss has always fascinated and occupied a special place in the cultural practices of various civilizations. Amongst the first traces of the kiss in history, one could even find representations of the kiss on various ancient Egyptian frescoes.

The kiss : as furtive or intense as it is, we blow it, we give it, we receive it, we live it. We always remember the first, much longed for, with a touch of amusement and nostalgia. We are eternally fond of this special moment in time that marks our union with the beloved. Inevitably, the kiss is a memory that brings us back in time. It represents closeness, a timeless intimacy that is both beautiful and sweet.

There are daily kisses, those that punctuate everyday life as little reminders of our love for each other in the whirlwind of life, work, children and everything else. There are those that are passionate, head over heals kisses that weaken your legs and activate butterflies in your stomach.

There are those that are fixed forever on a canvas, in a book or in a movie, that have gone through time and that continue to move us. They make us dream, transport us to different eras or on other continents.

Timeless, a kiss never leaves you indifferent.

In tribute to Gustav Klimt.