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The 4 kinds of passengers at Bota Bota

Bota Bota, spa-on-water is a boat that invites you to travel, relax and discover yourself. On board, passengers stroll from installation to installation, in search of the perfect little spot of sun, the perfect smell coming out of the sauna or the most wonderful treatment. All unique, our passengers seem attracted by different stages of our water circuit, according to their personality.

1- The great connoisseur passenger

HOT – COLD – RELAX, is your motto. You know all the benefits of each step and installation by heart and do not hesitate to come alone to the spa for a special moment, alone with yourself.

Your favorite installation is the hot tub with views of downtown Montreal. You do not tire of this place that brings you wonder and appeasement.

Your favorite treatment is a Swedish massage. You prefer the classics to the discovery massages, for their simplicity and their effectiveness through time. You do not like to venture unchartered territories because you enjoy a well-controlled relaxation routine.

Your favorite summer event is the Bath & Pilates on our terrace at the end of the day. After a one-hour session, you can relax to end an already perfect day!

2- The chilly passenger

You still do not understand why you keep on living in Montreal, despite its freezing and unpredictable winters. The cold is not your friend, and you do everything in your power to escape it. The very first HOT stage of our water circuit is your favorite because you know how to enjoy all of its benefits. The purifying action of the sauna is what makes you feel better.

The sauna on the water is your installation of choice. You like how cozy it is, nestled on the side of the boat, with a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence river and Habitat 67. Montreal offers itself entirely to you through its must-sees.

Your favorite treatment is none other than the Oceanic Wind facial care by the Babor. You are a big believer of body and mind regeneration through varied treatments. This treatment focuses on the cellular renewal of your skin, giving your complexion a more unified look and feel.

Your favorite summer event is the 6 @ 8 Chat. Always in search of new knowledge, you do not miss an opportunity to educate you, and our various guests throughout the summer all have something to attract your attention.

3- The bold passenger

You are a thrill seeker. The unexpected does not scare you and you look for an adrenaline rush. The second COLD step of our water circuit always gets you excited, as you enjoy giving your body a little energy boost which it enjoys.

Your favorite installation is the cold bath on the last deck. Far from prying eyes, you like this dreaded step because you quickly feel its regenerative benefits.

Your favorite treatment is a gel manicure and nail art. You always find a way to surpass yourself in terms of ideas, so much so, your beautician knows what to expect during your appointments: the most unlikely colors are on the front line and her brushes are arranged in order of size. The session promises to be creative!

Your favorite summer event is the Yoga Lunch Break every Wednesday. You like things to be simple and efficient and this activity is the perfect way to combine relaxation and sport in a short amount of time, between two meetings.

4- The sleepy passenger

For you, sleep is a religion. Your bed and you make a great couple, and it goes without saying that the third stage RELAXATION of our water circuit is definitely your favorite.

Although any relaxation area on the boat is truly appreciated by your tired body, your most cherished installation is a small haven of peace in the shade of trees in bloom. The hammocks installed at the back of the gardens are ideal for enjoying a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

Your favorite treatment is the Seaside treatment by Babor: two treatments combined in one for your greatest pleasure. A facial and foot reflexology done simultaneously by a beautician and a massage therapist … maximum relaxation you say?

Your favorite summer event is without a doubt the 6 @ 8 Live Music. Transported by soft music from around the world, you are as comfortable as can be on your little cloud.

So, which passengers are you?

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