The behind the scenes of the September photoshoot | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

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The behind the scenes of the September photoshoot

It was in the early morning of a bright September day that several members of our crew gathered to take part in the second session of the photoshoot intended to illustrate our website and social networks.

The first session, in March 2020, aimed to showcase our facilities in the snow and in a cozier context.

This one, previously scheduled for June 2020, had the optic of focusing on our outdoor spaces, sublimated by greenery and sun, as far as the eye can see.

As usual, many of our models on site were Bota Bota employees and massage therapists. A fun way to showcase the members of our crew who make your relaxing stay unforgettable. Added to them were Ségolène and Justine, two acquaintances of employees.

You will surely recognize Sacha, the flight attendant, or the hands of our massage therapist Janik and the attention to detail of Marie, our chief esthetician. Our Marketing Content Officer joined this group of regulars.

Justine Marc-Aurèle was once again our photographer, armed with her talent and her contagious good humor.

The photos will be revealed to you soon, but before they are, here are some behind-the-scenes snapshots.