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Our Passengers Ask

Passengers’ Questions, Captain’s Answers

“Where do you get all your ideas?”
Before we come up with a new idea, before any decision is made, we take into account our customers’ wants and needs. For several years now, they’ve been telling us that they want a pool. Wce certainly understood why this was a popular request, especially in the summer. Bota Bota is a haven of warmth and comfort in the winter, but in the summer, we wanted to offer Montrealers a cool respite from the hot steamy city!
So the decision to build a pool was an easy one, and the idea came from our customers.

“What have you built around the pool?”
We thought about what would contribute to the pool’s success. First, we needed to give passengers enough of a reason to leave the boat and head to the Gardens. The pool would have to offer something alluring. And we had to make it accessible during the entire year, including the winter months, so visitors would get the most varied experience possible.

Keeping in mind our water circuit idea, we created a complete cycle in the Gardens so users could enjoy it thoroughly and not have to move constantly between Gardens and boat. I can easily imagine a passenger spending an entire day on the boat, and then spending another entire day in cthe Gardens without ever leaving terra firma! So the Gardens offer: a steam bath, a cold bath, and numerous relaxation areas. But we couldn’t be satisfied with just that! So we added a powerful waterfall to the pool, a gigantic whirlpool bath, and an outdoor fireplace to top it all off.

“Will the Gardens impact on Bota Bota’s policy of silence?”
Adding the Gardens to our offer allows us to better delineate the silent areas from those where quiet conversation is allowed. With the exception of the floating deck and the restaurant, where conversation is obviously allowed, the entire boat is now designated a zone of complete silence. In return, the Gardens will be a pleasant place for a friendly chat.

“Why are there supersized roofs?”
The projected roofs serve several functions:
– They provide shaded and partly shaded areas in the Gardens so you can enjoy the outdoors without getting sunburnt.
– They protect from the rain, and from the snow and wind in winter, for a pleasant four-season experience.
– They provide a certain intimacy for patrons at the pool.
– They’re an attractive architectural feature for customers on the boat and those relaxing in the Gardens, and even for our neighbours in Old Montreal.

“Why did you install shipping containers in the Gardens?”
Developing this site in the midst of the Jardins des Écluses presented several challenges, including the impossibility of building a permanent structure. With this in mind we purchased some old shipping containers and gave them a new lease on life. Now encased in durable wood, the containers hark back to Bota Bota’s maritime heritage.