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Love shines on Instagram

Instagram is like a modern treasure: you can really find anything on it.

Let’s sail away during this sweet, rosy and romantic period and let’s take a look at accounts that talk about love … in all its forms.

Here are our top 3 picks:

1. Amours Solitaires

If you do not know this account yet, get tissues and writing paper. Today marks the day of the rest of your romantic life.

Morgane Ortin, the one behind this account and its concept, showcases texte messages screenshots, of sweet words sent by all types of people. Break-ups, passionate love declarations, there is something for everyone. It is an hymn to modern epistolary relations. Make yourself comfortable, the love revolution has just begun.

2. Salt in our hair

Tired of sappy love? We get it. Salt in our hair is more of a traveling account than anything else. The main focus is all about colors and dreamy settings, making you want to stop everything you’re doing and get a ticket anywhere in the world, fast.

After all, travelling may be your one and true love!

3. This Wild Idea

Love between humans? We are pretty much over it. What makes us all truly happy is the love between a master and his dog. Discover the wonderful adventures of photographer Theron Humphrey and his best friend Maddie, a Coonhound dog. It is impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful friendship travelling all corners of the United States.

Be careful not to completely melt, you could end up adopting about 50 dogs at the SPCA before March.

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