Your body treatment.

Body treatments

Each treatment promotes cell regeneration, helps your circulatory system, all the while leaving your skin soft by removing dead skin. You will end your treatment feeling relaxed and energized, in both body and spirit after your treatment.


Original Odyssey

A body treatment and a mini facial, exfoliation, wrap, modeling and hydration.

Escape Treatment

This Babor body treatment is an exfoliation, body wrap, head and neck massage.
Body treatments

Immersive indulgence

This Éminence body treatment is a complete well-being treatment with many aromas healing your body and your mind.
Body treatments

Coconut Scrub

This scrub by Éminence exfoliates your skin leaving your skin feeling fresh thanks to virgin coconut oil’s deep hydrating properties.
Body treatments

Blueberry Soy Scrub

This Éminence scrub unites its antioxidant powers and nutritional benefits, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple.
Body treatments

Pear & Apple Scrub

This Éminence scrub nourishes your skin, leaving it smooth and bright, thanks to its antioxidant and skin-beneffiting properties.