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Word from the Captain

Word from the captain – Sept 2016


After the wonderful summer we’ve had, we are all hoping the warm weather will stick around a bit more. Certainly, we welcome each lovely day with gratitude, a smile, and sunglasses! And while Mother Nature may still have some pleasant surprises in store for us, the signs of fall are all around us: the days are getting shorter, and the drive home is increasingly congested!


Perhaps it’s a reflection of the habits I picked up during my school days, but for some reason, September to me is all about getting organized. It’s a mood similar to making my New Year’s resolutions, but it encompasses both my work and personal life. Come September, we plan our meals and lunches, we try to make more efficient use of our time, and so on. (All too often, after a few weeks, it all falls by the wayside—just like my New Year’s resolutions!)


It is with this mindset that we’ve put together this edition of The Porthole: We offer sandwich suggestions sure to perk up lunchtime; one of our beauticians provides tips for a simple facial care regimen; we shed light on why we’re always under the impression we’re too busy; and, to wrap up, we introduce the year’s most eagerly anticipated Bota Bota promotion!


Have a great read!