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Word from the captain – Dec 2016

Dear New Year,


First of all, I’d like to welcome you. Each year, we extend our best wishes for the new year to our loved ones, we make resolutions for ourselves… But we forget you, the lovely new year all decked out in white!


So, New Year dear, your life will be a short one. But 12 short months, yet I hope each and every one of them will bring joy. Do not be a victim of the unfortunate happenings of 2016 and of all your predecessors; instead, strike out on your own and be the year you want to be. Steer your own course through the months to come, and make us realize the errors of the past. Let your imagination wander, creating spectacular seasons and memorable celebrations, and above all, bring comfort, succor and security to mankind.


You’re right – it’s so much wishful thinking. But if everyone were to take a concrete action each month to improve the lot of his or her neighbour, or of a stranger, or of the planet, then just maybe we might remember the year 2017 as a year we’d like to repeat.


Happy New Year 2017!