A word from the captain – Already! May 2017 | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Word from the Captain

A word from the captain – Already! May 2017

The periodic publishing of the Word of the Captain makes me realize how quickly time passes. The seasons follow each other but are very much different, as we have had the proof this spring. Beyond the gloomy weather that Mother Nature has sent us and the trees that have finally started to turn green, the whole Bota Bota team has a thought for victims that have been affected by the flood in the past few weeks. We have been front row witnesses to this exceptional rise in the water level, which has come with many major challenges. For several victims, including my own family, the nightmare is not over and we wish you the best of luck.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our extraordinary maintenance team who has been very vigilant and has avoided, what could have been, significant damage to Bota Bota. This allowed us to continuously welcome you to our facilities amidst the flooding. I’d also like to take advantage of this upcoming Father’s Day to say a special thank you to my “partner/father”, creator and leader, who pushes me towards excellence and who works relentlessly so that each and every passenger feels happy and welcomed. Thank you dad!

I wish for all of you a father figure whom you can admire in your life. Whether it’s your own father, your child’s father or any other paternal figure. Take the time to celebrate these extraordinary men on June 18th and show them your love and gratitude. Whether he is tough or sensitive, there are a thousand ways to please him!

On that note, I wish you a wonderful beginning of summer and invite you to come and visit us at the brand new Bota Bota Lighthouse, located at the corner of McGill and de la Commune streets in the Old Port. In addition to a boutique full of carefully selected objects, you can enjoy a relaxing foot bath after your jog or try the relaxing NeuroSpa cushion experience on our magnificent sun loungers.