Layover circuit for 2 for 70$

It is a known fact: one does not rest during summer holidays. From your trip to Italy (fabuloso!), your marathon preparation this September (phew) to your week-ends at the cottage roasting marshmallows (yum), your body seems in dire need of some well deserved rest.

And as you know, resting is what we do best. To thank our newsletter subscribers for their loyalty, we invite them to enjoy an exceptional rate: an access to the water circuit for two for only $70, from Monday to Thursday, from September 18th to 27th, 2018.

Choose the ideal partner for this ideal experience which will feel like the calming holidays you’ve been wanting (finally!), without worrying about packing your bags. A swimsuit is all you’ll need!


2 FOR $70

Layover water circuit for two for $70 with the code CIRCUIT2X70

Valide for two people and more (in pairs), from Monday to Thursday, inclusively .