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The editor's note

The editor’s note: finding peace – Aug 2019

The heat of summer still permeates the sidewalks of Montreal and the soft yellow glow continues to sublimate the green of leaves on trees. The only difference? A detail. A cooler wind that we know so well, which subtly announces the beginning of fall. The month of September has arrived and with it, a return to routine.

The merry mess of the holidays is over, sand is brushed out of hair, beach towels are neatly folded back in the closet, photos of these beautiful moments are added to the fridge, forever frozen in time, as happy memories. The only real trace lies in the shaded geometrical patterns, absorbed on the skin.

The melancholy of a sunny summer is a hard feeling to leave. Getting back to reality can sometimes be complicated. That is why, at Bota Bota, we believe more than ever that fall is the perfect time to be alone give yourself every chance to recharge your batteries.

In this edition of the Porthole, we invite you to awaken your senses through a selection of tailor-made events on board, just for you. Coupled with the experience of our water circuit, they will give your body the exercise and the love it needs, to apprehend the fall with serenity. Our collaborator Rose Simard of 1 or 2 Cocktails teaches us the recipe of the perfect green juice for a well-deserved detox. We invite you to pack your bags once again to enjoy a 100% relaxing weekend in Montreal. Last but certainly not least, we are happy to announce the birth of our newest Eminence body treatment, Original Odyssey. A 90-minute treatment meticulously thought through to offer you a true inner journey, paired with the gentle scent of stonecrop.

Happy reading,

The Editor