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Packing Just Got Lighter

By Isa Tousignant

Got a backache from wielding your oversized luggage? It’s time to pare down! Make your next spa retreat a lighter trip with these Top 5 packing tips from one of the world’s foremost travel experts: Brad John, globetrotter extraordinaire and founder of the New York-based travel store FLIGHT 001.

  1. Rule number one: plan ahead! Pack a few days early and edit as your trip approaches. Start by laying out your clothes by outfit for each day and event, then figure out what pieces can be interchanged and what pieces can be eliminated.
  2. I’m not kidding, the F1 Spacepak System will change the way you travel. I’m actually able to pack a lot more things using this system, which organizes all your clothes into different categories with specific pouches. When I get to my destination, it’s so nice to open my suitcase and see all these colourful bags. It makes me happy and I feel so prepared.
  3. Wear the biggest shoes you’re planning to take. For men especially, shoes take up a great deal of space. The same goes for bulky sweaters or sweatshirts – wrap them around your waist to lighten your bag.
  4. Take lots of accessories to change looks. Even for men, different coloured belts and watches change the whole look of an outfit. I take lots of navy clothing, and sometimes swap out my usual brown belt for a lime green one. You’d be surprised how it changes the look.
  5. Buy your travel reading at the airport. Okay, it may be little more expensive, but you can finish it on the trip and either give it to someone or leave it in the hotel room. Bon voyage!