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Leaving on a journey for a treatment

Sometimes, you don’t need more than an hour or two, the duration of a treatment, to go travelling. Combine that with a few hours in the water circuit, and escapism is guaranteed. Ready to go?

Here are our choices:

  • Californian massage:Californian massage treatments are characterized by large, fluid movements coupled with firm pressure. By grounding the individual in their body, this technique promotes emotional well-being and a sense of weightlessness.
  • Lomi-lomi massage: Lomi-lomi is an ancient form of massage practiced by the Polynesian people of Hawaii. Synchronized hand, forearm and elbow movements mimic the waves and tides of the sea. Each stroke nourishes the body, flushes toxins, and melts away muscle tension.
  • Thai Yoga: Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai Yoga, is an ancient technique inspired by yoga. It takes place on a padded mat without the use of oil. Clients must wear comfortable clothing. The therapist will apply pressure with his or her thumbs, elbows, and feet, then assist you with stretches and postures to increase flexibility. Thai massage is an excellent method to re-establish balance in the body and release energy.
  • Hot shell massage: Shells release calcium ions, which renew and tone the skin. Meanwhile, the warmth of the shells helps relax muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. This treatment is appropriate for everyone, but people suffering from muscle pain or osteoarthritis may find it especially beneficial.
  • Tribal Journey: A body treatment using fair-trade products including a Baobab oil and coffee grain scrub, a cactus wax body wrap and a Thaiti monoï massage.

We’re waiting for you on board for a baggage-less journey!

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