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Summer spices

Summer means barbecues on the balcony. Whether it is a classic coal barbecue or a propane one, it offers you a whole lot of flavourful worlds to explore.

According to the team of the Épice de cru stores, the key for a successful barbecue lies in the rubs – blends of spices and 5% of salt. Salt helps to make roasting juice and will form, along with the spices, a crust that caramelizes as it cooks. According to the Épices de cru experts, rubs offer a great advantage, since we can easily identify all the spices used in the blend, as opposed to a bottled BBQ sauce whose list of ingredients is not very detailed. Moreover, rubs provide just as much flavour to grilled meats, without the caloric intake of a bottled barbecue sauce.

Here are some key summer spices and blends, according to the Épices de cru experts.

Steak rub.
A steak rub composed of exotic peppercorns will bring a hot and peppery touch to your tastiest steaks. Make your neighbours envious with a delicious enticing smell coming from your barbecue.

Guerrero rub.
A blend of cumin, Mexican chilli pepper, and oregano, the Guerrero rub and its deliciously spicy flavour will make your tongue tingle. Inspired by the Mexican cuisine, it pairs beautifully with pork or poultry.

Dessert spices.
Grilled fruits are still little known but they are absolutely delightful when well prepared. Pears, peaches, bananas, and pineapple are an excellent choice for a grilled dessert. Simply rubbed with sweet or aromatic spices and brushed with butter, they caramelize on the grill. Experts particularly recommend using aromatics such as cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger to make truly flavourful desserts that will ravish both children and grown-ups. An interesting fact about cinnamon is that its properties help control diabetes.

With such flavourful choices of blends and spices, your friends and neighbours will certainly enjoy your next al fresco supper.

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