The Aufguss ritual | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


The Aufguss ritual

The Aufguss ritual (“infusion” in German) is a thermotherapy experience that aims to eliminate toxins in the body and, subsequently, reinvigorate it.
This experience is separated into three parts, distinguished by an increase in heat at each stage.

The Aufguss Master in charge of the session first applies water, infused with essential oils, on hot stones. Then, using a towel, he performs several gestures that help him spread heat to the four corners of the sauna.

Lasting about fifteen minutes, the Aufguss Ritual ends with a mandatory stop in the cold bath. A somewhat apprehended moment, it allows the body to undergo an adrenaline shock, which eventually turns into total relaxation.

In order to serve you better, our team tested and approved the Aufguss ritual.