Pirate's Layover, June 27th, 2019 | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


Pirate’s Layover, June

Date: June 27, 2019 – 9:00am – 12:00pm

Ped mornings for 10 years olds and 0lder 

Bota Bota, offers a new relaxing activity for little ones. On a few selected ped days this year, parents and young sailors starting at 10 years old** will be able to enjoy the water circuit together from 9am till 12pm.

Water circuit, massages and Yoga !

On top of being able to enjoy the water circuit, our young guests will be able to participate in an intro to yoga class*** which will be offered from 9am to 9:45am in the Bota Bota gardens, followed by a couple of minutes of meditation. Children will also have the chance to try out our initiation to massages for free.

Grévin Museum tickets will be drawn on the day of the event!

Date : Thursday, June 27th 2019

Time : 9am to 12pm

Price :

Layover water circuit : rate in effect for parents, -10$ on the rate in effect for kids from 10 to 17 y-o. Reservation required, 40 spots available.

60 minute massage : 100$ for parents, 80$ for kids (15$ off is the massage is paired to a water circuit). Can be taken in solo or duo, at the parent’s discretion. Recommended for kids starting at 12 y-o.

Program :

8h30 – Doors open
9:15 am to 10:00 am – 45 minute yoga, followed by 15 minutes of meditation
 : Free, upon reservation. For all ages. Capacity, 6 adults, 6 kids.
11:15 am to 12h:00 pm – 45 minute massage initiation workshop: Free, upon reservation. Recommended for kids between 10 and 12 y-o. Capacity, 6 adults, 6 kids.

Telephone reservation required: 514-284-0333

*NOT REFUNDABLE* / **Every child must be in possession of an I.D. We reserve the right to forbid access aboard the spa if they do not have said I.D.** / Yoga outfit recommended, yoga mat provided, rsvp. / Bathrobes: For safety reasons, bathrobes will be provided for children over 4 feet 5 inches, or 1m37. / For children measuring less, we invite you to bring your bathrobe. / Towels are provided at all times. / Parents/tutors must be present in the cabin during the massage of his or her child under 14 years of age. / All children present on site must be accompanied by a legal parent/tutor. / The regulation of the RACJ (Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux) requires us to put in place certain measures, we ask you to respect them : Due to the Bar permit, minors will not have access to the restaurant La Traversée or the Floating Terrace. However, paid snacks will be served in the waiting room area The parent must be present in the Bota Bota gardens during his/her child’s Yoga class.
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