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Compass Rose

This 90-minute facial treatment by Babor acts against skin aging by targeting the most frequent visible signs.

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The Compass Rose treatment is our very first treatment on board, which uses “clouds”, pink quartz stones with many virtues. These clouds, smooth and refreshing are used to massage the face, neck, head and shoulders, from the start of your treatment. Paired with the ReVersive Rose Radiance Intensifier mist, these quartz stones activate lymph and stimulate circulation thanks to the expert maneuvers of your beautician. It is the perfect complement to an already perfect relaxation!

Utilisation du nuage en quartz rose sur la nuque lors du soin Rose des Vents au Bota Bota

ReVersive by Babor, for visibly firmer skin

The ReVersive anti-aging skincare series by Babor gives you visibly more toned and smoother skin.

After cleansing the skin, using the Babor cleansing foam, it is then introduced to a stimulating mask which will serve to activate the skin.

Then, a 10-minute peel is applied to the face using silicone brushes. During the exposure time, your arms, hands and palms are massaged using the sugar oil peeling to provide you with a gentle exfoliation.

exfoliation des bras lors du soin du visage Rose des Vents au Bota Bota
Work with the help of clouds is then done to provide you with stimulation of the face, neck and décolleté.

Pro youth ReVersive serum is applied followed by pro youth ReVersive eye cream using circular motions around the eyes and mouth to nourish these finer areas of the face.

One of the final steps of this treatment is the application of the pro youth ReVersive overnight mask and the pro youth Reversive foil eye mask for about 20 minutes.

Application du masque pour les yeux et masque pour le visage Babor lors du soin Rose des Vents au Bota Bota
Finish your treatment with a pleasant feeling of softness and intense hydration, your skin now firmer and smoother. Enjoy a refined and more uniform skin texture.

*Available with a water circuit with the Galena package.

The Babor products used for this treatment are available at the Bota Bota store and on

Pro Youth Eye Cream
Pro Youth Serum
Pro Youth Cream Rich
ReVersive Gift Set
Pro Youth Overnight Mask

Following the Compass Rose treatment, it is important not to expose your face and the treated parts of the body to the sun. The Compass Rose facial treatment can be offered in the Galena package.
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