Pregnancy is a milestone in the lives of many women, bringing with it much joy, but also some challenges. This aim of this section is to provide tools to deal with some of the less pleasant symptoms, help you to remain active during your pregnancy, reduce stress levels, and make this unique moment in time memorable.

Most experts agree on certain points:

– Light exercises like yoga and Pilates are highly recommended throughout pregnancy.
– It is crucial for pregnant women to reduce the level of stress, either by resting, engaging in relaxing activities, or even delighting in a beauty treatment.

Pregnancy, the water circuit and thermotherapy… our recommendations!

*Treatments are offered only to women who have completed their 13th week of pregnancy.


For women accustomed to the water circuit ritual, some precautions are necessary, but you should certainly allow yourself to enjoy its relaxing properties:

Sauna and wet steam:
1. Reduce your intervals (for example, instead of 15 minutes, try 5 to 10 minutes)
2. Sit on the lower bench where the heat is less intense
3. Drink lots of water … and then little more!
4. If you feel dizzy, exit the sauna or steam bath immediately. Respond to the signals that your body gives you.

1. Cold bath: If the cold bath is too cold (e.g. in winter), choose a shower, which can be less intense.
2. Whirlpool: Very hot baths should be avoided both at home and in our hot tubs (but nothing prevents you from soaking your feet, always avoiding direct jets).
3. Pool : since May, the pool in the gardens is accessible enjoy our beautiful outdoor pool.


Pregnancy is not a good time to try thermotherapy for the first time. In addition, very hot baths should be avoided both at home and in our hot tubs (but feel free to soak your feet, always avoiding direct jets).

One thing is certain; pregnancy should not prevent you from taking advantage of Bota Bota’s water circuit. Even if you do not enter the hot tubs or use the facilities reserved for thermotherapy (i.e. the saunas, steam baths and cold baths), you and your baby will enjoy a moment of relaxation: be cradled in a cosy hammock, curl up next to one of our portal window or enjoy our beautiful outdoor pool.

Due to the various uncertainties relating to the use of water circuit, we encourage you to exercise discretion. We recommend that you always consult your doctor before starting an activity with which you are not familiar, or if you have a specific medical condition.

*Please note that all treatments listed below are adapted to the needs of pregnant women.

**Please note that the water circuit is only included in the Maiden Voyage package.


At all time : $ 255

This package includes three components:
1. At the time of purchase, you will be given an apricot massage oil to help you to prevent stretch marks.
2. Prenatal visit: includes an access to the ‘Voyage’ water circuit and a massage adapted for pregnant women (prenatal, reflexology, or lymphatic massage).
3. Postnatal visits: Two baby massage workshops (60 minutes each). These workshops will teach you several massage techniques and offer a moment of parent-infant bonding.


Monday to Thursday : $155 (2 sessions)

Just like it does for adults, infant massage promotes relaxation, strengthens the immune system and releases tension. With the help of a massage therapist, you will learn different massage techniques to relieve baby’s discomfort, reduce colic, and regulate sleep rhythms. Your instructor will be happy to answer any questions to help you make the most of your new skill. Enjoy the worklshop!


60 minutes : $ 100
90 minutes : $ 140

The stretching and movements of Thai Yoga massage help to restore balance and energy to the body during pregnancy. With the ease and comfort of the pregnant woman in mind, a semi-reclined position will be chosen depending on the pregnant woman’s needs.

* Treatments are offered only to women who have completed their 13th week of pregnancy.


90 minutes: $150

In keeping with this particular massage style, Kobido is intended for women who want the majority of their massage on the face, neck and upper body. This particular therapy serves to relieve fatigue and improve sleep problems during pregnancy.

* Treatments are offered only to women who have completed their 13th week of pregnancy.
* Must be comfortable in a fully reclined position for 1. 5 hours


60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $140

Suitable for pregnant women, this massage can help to relieve discomfort from nausea, swelling, stress, and fatigue. Those suffering from sciatic pain can feel improvements and benefit from a strengthened immune system. With an objective of balancing the body’s lymphatic fluids, this massage can help to reduce the appearance of minor varicose veins and cellulite. Also available as a 4 session cure.


60 minutes : $ 100
90 minutes : $ 140

This massage will release pressure on the saphenous vein thus promoting better blood circulation. An ideal way to decrease the feeling of heavy legs! Body cushions are used to position you during the massage. This massage is a treat for any mother-to-be, especially after several months of limitations in mobility.

* Recommended between the 2nd and 3rd trimester


60 minutes : $100
90 minutes : $140

For the mother-to-be, the benefits of reflexology are numerous: regulation and improvement of blood circulation, relief of digestive problems, release of nervous tension and back pain, and much more. The therapist will focus on specific points to treat your unique needs.

* Treatments are offered only to women who have completed their 13th week of pregnancy.


60 minutes : $ 90

Treat your skin to a skincare range comprised of organic products without chemicals or added parabens. Guided by our experienced beauticians, you will receive a personalized treatment for your skin.

* Recommended at any time


60 minutes : $ 95

This innovative and powerful anti-aging facial is adapted and customized to cater to the skin of the pregnant woman. This treatment leaves the skin smooth, soft, and radiant, thanks to alpine stem cells and a molecular catalyst.

* Recommanded at anytime


60 minutes : $ 95

Using monoi, bamboo and coconut as active ingredients, this treatment helps to stimulate cell regeneration. Designed for mature skin, its anti-aging properties help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

* Recommended at anytime


A spa and nail care combo… why not? In addition to the benefits of a relaxing massage to relieve tired and heavy legs, the vegan products used will fulfil your desire for natural skincare. Note that the ankle and calf area will be avoided as a precaution.

* Recommended at anytime


Our pure and natural organic products from the Eminence product line, as well as our Skinovage by Babor products are both recommended during and after pregnancy.

Heart shots for pregnant women:
1. Apricot Oil by Eminence: a mixture of 4 delicious oils … And an excellent way to prevent stretch marks!

2. Sapodilla Body Cream by Eminence: exfoliating and moisturizing, this cream is the perfect 2-in-1 for soft, radiant skin.

3. Body Creams from the Babor spa line: With extracts of lime and mandarin, these creams are excellent to relieve the feeling of heavy and tired legs. Lavender, an ingredient in one of our creams, is known for its calming effect.