-June 20, 2018-

Completely letting go is an exercise that isn’t the easiest to undertake. Even in the deepest of slumbers, we sometimes feel like the stage director of our own dreams – thus forcing us to stay partially focused. The “Midwater” treatment, a Bota Bota exclusive, is the only experience that will have you completely letting go.

At first glance, this treatment performed in water, can seem a bit daunting. The therapist in charge starts the session by explaining what will follow, initiating a dialogue where we are led to talk about our tensions, whether physical of psychological. Its purpose: to understand our blockages and help us free ourselves from them.

Once the discussion is over, the floats slipped under the knees and the nose clip applied, the therapist slowly accompanies us in the pool. Following a short minute of adaptation, she brings us to a plank position with the help of the floats. And so the immersion begins- we are officially cut off from the outside world for the next 50 minutes. Our eyes are closed and the only sound remaining is the the muffled echos of the waterfall.

Unloaded of 80% of our weight, our body relaxes, finally able to create fluid and shifting postures, while our mind slowly unravels. The therapist adapts to our needs, creating a tailor-made experience. By gently squeezing our wrist, she signals the entrance of our entire head under water, for a few seconds. The sun, which was struggling earlier to come through the clouds, lets out its first rays- warmth and light spreading on our body and in spirit. Eyes closed, wandering between dream and reality, we find ourselves lulled by the soothing song of the therapist, while her hands work our body, with gentle movements, delicate stretches and accu-pressures.

Pregnant women will be particularly relieved by this experience thanks to the sensation of weightlessness. Carried by the water, they imitate their child moving in the liquid, through a relaxing dance. A true return to basics.

The awakening is done slowly, as the therapist helps us return to a sitting position. The floats are removed and a few minutes of silence allow us to clear our mind. The sounds surrounding us gain momentum and our body regains its original posture. We are calm, ready to start a stress-free day.

Float, in an imaginary world.

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Price: 140$ SOLO / 270$ DUO

Duration: 50 minutes

Schedule: From Monday to Thursday first session at 9:15am – second session at 10:10am
*Take advantage of a free three hour Layover water circuit following your treatment.
Only for 4 spots per day. A Bota Bota exclusive from June 26th to September 6th.

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