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Word from the Captain

Hello 2019!

The arrival of a new year is inevitably synonymous of looking back. An opportunity to remember the good and the bad, giving us a chance to start over, once more…

In 2018, we were lucky enough to meet high-flying diver Lysanne Richard, a woman, athlete and inspiring mother who has become one of our favorite ambassadors. She tells us all about her successful year and gives us a look inside her morning routine when she’s on the road.

The Bota Bota team also wishes to open its heart, inviting you to discover Jeannine V., a leader in our team of massage therapists. In an interview, Jeannine V. gives us some secrets of her work as a massage therapist and the importance of understanding the spiritual state and emotions of a client, beyond their physical needs.

Rather than talking about easy-to-forget resolutions in 2019, which generally intend a forced change in our life and routine, why not switch things around this year? Constance offers a different approach, helping us to rethink our flaws, in order to learn how to love ourselves better. A good dose of love at the beginning of 2019, to cultivate year-round!

On behalf of the entire Bota Bota crew, I wish you a year filled with big and small joys, great health and love and time to take it all in.

Beautiful and happy new year!

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