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Word from the Captain

A word from the captain – Valentine’s day 2016

Valentine’s Day is nestled in the very heart of winter, in the middle of the year’s coldest month. A coincidence? Perhaps not. At any rate, it is cause for rejoicing, for it offers a perfect opportunity to keep warm in pairs.

Speaking of warmth, what is your communication style when it comes to expressing love? Do you say “I love you” openly and often, do you whisper it on rare occasions, or do you have a hard time mouthing the three little words? Do you subscribe to the view that actions speak louder than words? Do you say it with flowers… or chocolates, candy or a love letter left lingering on the pillow? Whether you find yourself at the spa, at a restaurant, on a sporty getaway, or underneath the covers for those truly sensitive to the cold (because let’s face it, we have been having a mild winter!), I dare you to express your love in words. After all, if you can’t say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, when can you say it? You can practice saying it, for these words bring joy to those whose ears they fall upon.

For this month of passion, the Porthole team has put together an issue to warm your heart and body: we examine tango as a form of couples therapy; offer suggestions for stunning Valentine’s Day looks; and round up the city’s essential wintertime activities. Basically, everything to help you survive till spring arrives.