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Word from the Captain

A Word from the captain – Mother’s day 2016

Mother’s Day is probably one of the most important holidays of the year—or at least it should be. Indeed, appreciating the woman who brought us into the world, who raised us and who taught us about love should be a daily gesture. Mother’s Day is an occasion for celebrating all wonderful mothers!

One year ago, I announced my pregnancy in these very pages. Because I was on the verge of being a new mom, I naturally thought a lot about those women who have gone, are going or will be going through the same experience. And so, at the time, we put together a special package for expecting mothers and launched a special section on our Web site. I was one of the women who benefited from it, through prenatal massages, shiatsu therapy and reflexology sessions to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, and training my body for the aptly named labour of childbirth. My baby is healthy and happy as a result and loves the massages I give him, the techniques of which I learned in our workshops on massage for babies.

This year, we are focusing on the mature mother: the one who raised us, saw us bloom into adulthood, and who no doubt has a few grey hairs or wrinkles to show for our childish shenanigans. To redeem ourselves for the worries we may have caused her in the past, we offer her a facial, a gift card, a brunch, or some one-on-one time. In this issue, we share our suggestions for the special day!