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Word from the Captain

A word from the Captain – Back to school 2017

With the arrival of the back to school season, our habits often tend to change, for better or for worse! If on one hand we decrease our consumption of alcohol while choosing a more stable schedule, we unfortunately also often tend to diminish activities that make us move as well as moments of relaxation.

Throughout the coming month, we have several activities to offer : the 5@7 Live Tuesdays continue, a Cine-Spa evening awaits you on September 6th, a sweet promo on the water circuit from September 11th to 21st is on the way, our first Pirates Layover on September 22nd and even two Drift Away After Dark evenings on the 1st and 29th of September. Also, to encourage you to stay active, our free yoga sessions offered by Bota Bota and Lolë in the Old Port continue every Thursday at lunch until the end of the month.

In this edition of the porthole, we have prepared a report on the increasingly popular river surfing on the Saint Lawrence River, an interview with Mr. Aldo Sylvestre from the firm Daoust Lestage about the new master plan that will guide the development of the Old -Port of Montreal for the next 20 years and our ambassador Marie-Julie Gagnon, mother of a 9 year old girl who candidly shares about her struggles with the upcoming school year.

With all this variety, you will certainly find a good way to relax during the back to school season!

Happy reading!