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Our 3 favorite products for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you aren’t ready for it yet? There is no secret… If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Enjoy relaxation in a bottle with our three favorite products for this special day filled with sweetness, happiness and well-being for two.
The temperamental weather will not be an obstacle to celebrate your love and your couple.

  1. Perfect Lip duo by Éminence, 47.00$

    This duo allows your lips to regain perfect hydration and flexibility, thanks to the exfoliant and citrus balm. Your kisses will be all the sweeter!
  2. Ampoules GRAND CRU by Babor, 65.00$

    Your better half makes you feel radiant, glowy… simply blissful ?
    With these rose extracts ampoule concentrates, how you feel on the inside will shine through on the outside! Your complexion will be radiant, smooth, completely ready to receive caresses and kisses.
  3. Bath salts 28.00$ and body oil 40.00$, combination by Sparitual.

    Soothe your mind and senses, enveloped by the peaceful smell of Chinese jasmine. During and after your bath, you will be sublimated from head to toe thanks to the rich mixture of salts from California, the and Epsom. Your partner will be delighted!

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Happy Valentine’s day!