The editor's note, October: the sea | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Walk-ins accepted for the water circuit, but reservations strongly recommended during busy periods, especially on Saturdays.

The editor's note

The editor’s note: the sea – Oct 2019

The sea
Rocked them
Along the clear gulfs
And with a love song
The sea
Rocked my heart for life
– Charles Trenet

Our sea is the St. Lawrence River. Blue, gray, white, it surprises us day after day with its eternal changes. As Bota Bota’s home, it is an inherent part of the spa; from the spectacular view it offers from the sauna-on-the-water to the 4th floor, to his personalized entrance from the floating terrace.

In this 48th Porthole, we wish a return to where it all began, understanding where we come from. We give you an intimate look into the construction of the Bota Bota as you know it today, a detailed understanding of the Swedish massage and the wave of well-being it can bring you, and a portrait of our chef on board, Rita-Adèle Beaulieu, an eco-responsible activist, whose creations are an ode to our environment, to the water and land that feed us. Finish it all with the discovery of our Seaside treatment, a breathtaking 2 in 1 treatment, perfect to ground yourself.

Happy reading,

The Editor