December / Wellness step #10: Take a bath | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Walk-ins accepted for the water circuit, but reservations strongly recommended during busy periods, especially on Saturdays.


Wellness step #10: Take a bath

Slipping into hot water while snowflakes slowly hit the ground outside… what an amazing feeling! Comparable to your stay at Bota Bota, the one in your bath is relaxation at its finest. Light a candle, turn down the lights and enjoy a cozy playlist. Hot water promises many benefits for your body and mind. Here are a few:

1. Eliminates the effects of stress

Stress, as we all know, can have many negative repercussions: various ailments caused by certain muscle tensions, pronounced anxieties, tiredness or aches, the list is long.
Hot water is an effective remedy to combat these problems, since it helps relieve pain through increased blood flow.

2. Fights insomnia

A hot bath before going to bed is that little extra push that will help you reach your dreams quickly. Stress, mentioned above, causes many problems, including insomnia. But it can also be caused by depression, seasonal or not. When the weather is hits negative numbers, it is important to have a restful sleep to better fight the cold.

3. Thoroughly cleanses

Paired with a face mask of your choice, a warm bath cleans thoroughly body and face. Heat expands the pores of the skin, giving it the ability to dislodge impurities and dust. A wonderful way to give a little love to your body after a long day!

Although hot baths at Bota Bota are not an integral part of thermotherapy, they are still a great way to relax between your cycles. On the boat or in the gardens, an escape is possible docked at the port.

*Did you know?*
A wonderful gift box or logbook is included with the purchase of a gift card worth 200$. Gifting your loved ones never looked better.