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3 ways to grant yourself love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you are single or not, Valentine’s Day is a good time to grant yourself some love. We thought we would propose a few ideas for you to add to your the agenda in order to fall back in love with your wellbeing this Valentine’s Day.

Taking time for yourself is as important as taking time with your loved one. As we tend to put others before us, these opportunities to connect with ourselves are often put aside. This year, we encourage you to make these necessary moments a priority.

Without further ado here are 3 ways to treat your mind and body this February 14th.

1. Awaken your senses

Celebrate everything your body gives you by treating it to a relaxing activity. When you take the time to stop, listen, and open your eyes, it’s crazy how easily you can appreciate the little things.

Take a walk in your favorite outdoor spot or in a neighborhood where you like to shop. Treat your body to a long massage and say goodbye to accumulated stress. Plan a gastronomic outing with your friends to discover this little restaurant that everyone is talking about. Not in the mood for a restaurant? Plan a classic wine and cheese themed evening.

Watch the snow fall. Listen to the fire crackling while petting the purring cat that rests on your thighs. Remember that you are part of this beautiful universe that surrounds us.

2. Treat yourself to your favorite treatment

Solo or duo, spending a day at the spa is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body, your heart and your mind. Our muscles relax, our thoughts wander with every contact with hot water. We quickly have only one idea in mind: curling up in a hot corner to take a nap. Especially after the cold bath, which makes your heart run as if you relived love at first sight!

At home, you can immerse yourself in a dreamy scented foam bath, a burning candle and soft music. Leave the phone aside and focus on your breathing with your eyes closed. Happiness!

3. Adopt an activity that makes you feel good

Learning and accomplishing yourself is one of the most beautiful ways to nourish your body and dive into the best version of your life. Registering for a group class or trying out a new activity on your own can bring a lot of well-being.

Try a yoga session for the first time by exploring classes offered online or at your gym. Sign up for a culinary workshop and learn how to make the best sushi in town; or join a foreign language learning club to prepare for your next trip.