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Tender November : travel suggestions for beating the blahs

To paraphrase Québec’s cherished chansonnier Gilles Vigneault, November is a lovely month, provided you like its greyness. His words express what most of us feel about this time of the year when temperatures plummet along with the leaves.

Fortunately, not all regions of the planet succumb to fall’s fickleness at the same time. In some parts, November is actually synonymous with abundant sunshine, lush foliage and vibrant, joyful people.

Why not check these places out?

Mayan Riviera, Mexico

In November, average temperatures along the Mayan Riviera vary between 20ºC and 30°C, and October’s rainy season is winding down. As a result, the landscape is lush and verdant, and this beauty is added to by the Mayan ruins, which are a veritable throwback to Antiquity. Hikers can set out for a jungle expedition, while culture enthusiasts can attend traditional nighttime ceremonies. The Maya are also aware of the benefits of hydrotherapy. In fact, this very month, the Balnea team is organizing a retreat at Tulum, an opportunity to truly get attuned to the Mayan spirit, to participate in daily yoga sessions, to take advantage of quality treatments and to enjoy exceptionally fresh cuisine. As this goes to press, there are still a few openings…

Port Louis, Mauritius

For this island off Africa’s southeast coast, summer gets underway in November. The climate is tropical, the days are sunny, and vegetation is at its colourful peak. The abundant rainfall of the cool season ceases temporarily, making it a perfect time to enjoy deep-sea diving, to give but one example of possible activities. Moreover, over the centuries, Mauritius has been visited by Europeans, Asians and Africans, and today bears their diverse influences throughout its rich and vibrant culture, from its music to its cuisine.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In this tropical country of southeastern Asia, the dry season begins in November. Aside from sun-drenched days to enjoy, there are all kinds of inspiring artistic events to take in, such as performances of well-known traditional dance. Buddhist temples abound, among them the famous Temple of Angkor Wat, a true architectural masterpiece. Yet what will likely thrill tourists more are Cambodians themselves. With open arms and radiant smiles, they tend to win over just about any visitor.

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