Guided tour of the 3B Passport | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


Guided tour of the 3B Passport

Geneviève Emond gives us a guided tour of the 3B Passport, a ticket to escape the worlds of three of the most beautiful spas in Quebec.

The Porthole: Can you tell us about Passeport 3B?
Geneviève Emond: Passeport 3B is about discovering 3 relaxing worlds; it’s an invitation to travel. Developed in partnership with BALNEA and LE BATH ROOM, Passeport 3B allows you to experience 3 of the most renowned spas in Quebec.

TP: Who is Passeport 3B for?
GE: It is for anyone who suffers from stress or who needs to take time for themselves, whether they are fans or novices!

TP: What are the particularities of each spa?
GE: Each one of the three experiences is so different that I could talk about them for hours… The best advice I can give you is to experience all three of them!

– Your nights no longer suffice?
Thanks to its floating baths, Le BATH ROOM, located on rue St-Denis in Montréal, offers you a regenerative experience in weightlessness. The feeling of floating effortlessly is a return to roots.

– Urban from head to toes?
Bota Bota offers you a world of serenity, like an invented world at the heart of Old Montréal. The water circuit allows you to evacuate all tensions with the sensation of skipping school, so close, yet so far away.

– You need more air?
At the heart of the Eastern Townships, BALNEA takes you to an enchanting sanctuary. The thermal experience is timeless, surrounded by a breathtaking natural reserve.

TP: To you, what would be the ideal circuit? Is there a spa to try before others?
GE: I don’t think there is a particular order to follow; what is important is to have a good understanding of your state of mind when you decide which spa to go to first. Let the season, the temperature, and your schedule guide you… and above all, let your wishes inspire you and reorganize your agenda!

TP: The name implies travelling. Is going to the spa an escape to you?
GE: Yes, it is, and that is why Bota Bota has chosen BALNEA and LE BATH ROOM as partners to develop this product. We wanted to provide a series of inspiring and unusual experiences, because we sincerely believe that each visit to the spa should be synonym of relaxation and renewal.

Passeport 3B is available for $150 + tax. It includes a water circuit journey at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau, a thermal experience at BALNEA spa+thermal reserve, and one session of floating bath at LE BATH ROOM urban spa.

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