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Stunning looks: some suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other. It is also the perfect excuse for stepping out of your wardrobe comfort zone and trying something new. Here are some suggestions from fashion bloggers.

White as snow
Don’t be afraid to mix up textures and push convention aside. For instance, go for a totally white look: lace gown, turtleneck sweater and espadrilles. This pared-down look will make you appear downright angelic.
Source: Song of Style

Chrome caresses
Planning a chic evening with your loved one? Then your time has come to shine! By donning a metallic dress, you will achieve a look of luxury to fit the mood perfectly.

Look du jour (robe métallique)
Source: Look du jour

Dark sophistication
For a refined, sexy look, try black faux leather leggings and a charcoal sweater, accessorized with a pale, frayed-fringe scarf. Add high heels that complement the colour of the scarf, and you will be charming and elegant.

Brighton The Day (look en noir)
Source: Brighton The Day

Full-on charm
For a lovers’ evening out, why not update a timeless classic? A pale suit, a dark patterned shirt and a solid tie spells cool.

V-Day Dress Code (complet pâle)
Source: Valentine’s Day Dress Code

Passionate red
If your evening’s destination smacks of opulence, a tuxedo seems quite appropriate. To turn up the heat, replace the traditional white shirt with a bright red one, and set it off with a black bow tie.
Source: Le Cahier

Wool and length
With textured pants (tweed, pleated, and so on) and a wool sweater, a full-length coat becomes a stand-out choice. This combination will make you look suave and debonair as you stroll with your partner. Add polished shoes as a finishing touch.
Source: Vogue Hommes