Beyond the porthole, the story | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Walk-ins accepted for the water circuit, but reservations strongly recommended during busy periods, especially on Saturdays.

Bota Bota

Beyond the porthole, the story

Originally, the idea behind the Beyond the Porthole project was to create something that had a different feel than what had been done before. After a short brainstorm, the idea developed itself into a charitable project that instantly won the hearts of the management team. As the Bota Bota experience isn’t within everyone’s reach, our main goal with this project was to bring wellness to people who don’t have luxury to benefit from it every day.

Beyond the Porthole was also a way to support people who work tirelessly to improve the lives of those that surround them. One of the main reasons why the project was so well received is the fact that it encouraged people whom we work with every day for causes that are important to them. It was an absolute pleasure to receive various ideas from team members that allowed us to discover our sailors other than on a professional level. We would also like to acknowledge and thank all the participants who have kindly volunteered for this project.


At its core, Bota Bota is a family founded and operated company. Designed and imagined in Montreal, Bota Bota is the creator of more than 200 jobs. Every day, decisions are made to improve the lives of our customers, of the people who work here and to improve the city of Montreal. Bota Bota’s main mission is to provide well-being with benefits that are increasingly scientifically proven. This project was an opportunity to extend our vision beyond the passengers that have had the chance to experience the spa-on-water.

The field in which we work could easily be compared to a small comfort bubble. Thanks to the Beyond the Porthole, we’ve been able to break this comfort zone and carry out a project that, we hope, will be renewed for years to come.