Getting by car | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Walk-ins accepted for the water circuit, but reservations strongly recommended during busy periods, especially on Saturdays.

Getting to

Bota Bota by car

Due to its scenic location directly on the river, Bota Bota does not own land per se and subsequently, does not have space for a parking lot in direct proximity of the boat. You should expect to factor in parking time when planning your visit, with many options available nearby:

Many parking options are available nearby:

  • Stationnement Grand Quai
    200 rue de la Commune Ouest
    Montréal, QC       H2Y 4B2
  • Quai King Edward
    2 rue de la Commune Ouest
    Montréal, QC       H2Y 4B2
  • There are also a few private paid parking around us.

Parking meters on the street:


Download Montreal’s app P$ Service mobile to pay your parking meter remotly. We also offer this service at the front desk, ask our agents about it!