The current of the 5 senses-Meditation and intuitive writing | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Walk-ins accepted for the water circuit, but reservations strongly recommended during busy periods, especially on Saturdays.


The current of the 5 senses – Meditation and intuitive writing

With yoga and meditation professor Stéphanie Benoit, discover and integrate a new practice of mindful meditation, followed by an intuitive journaling session surrounding the 5 senses, the theme of the year 2020.

No reservation required, this is a VIRTUAL EVENT, on the Bota Bota’s YouTube page.


Theme : the touch

Journaling :

1. Which parts of your body have created a pleasant, neutral or unpleasant sensation?

2. Did you feel resistance to the practice?

3. Could you introduce a little more “conscious touch” with your body into your life?

4. Is it easier to touch the other than yourself?

5. The body speaks. What did you hear?

Class in French only
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