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Corporate services

Why choose Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau?

Our team of experts offers you personalized solutions to consolidate the well-being of your teams and solidify your relationship with your customers, while still supporting your corporate values. We offer innovative solutions so you can leave behind the beaten path and enhance your corporate experiences.

No Need to Leave the Harbor

The Bota Bota, a historical ferryboat docked in the Old Port of Montreal, offers an ideal yet unusual setting to let your ideas float freely, your inspiration run wild and your stress level dispel.

Reward Employee-Experience

Your employees are your best clients. Position yourself as an employer of choice by offering your employees a human experience focused on their well-being.

Une carte cadeau du Bota Bota

Gift Cards

We offer gift cards for our Escale water circuit (3 hours and less) and our Drift packages with massage. Our boarding passes are valid for their monetary value, they never expire and are sold at attractive prices when purchased in quantity (10+).

Price upon request


Corporate Passport (12 months)

Because it is transferable, the corporate passport gives you the flexibility to allow your employees and their colleagues to better connect within an informal setting.

Starting from $2 700,00 (maximum of 75 employees per passport)

Discount on the purchase of a 2nd passport.

Corporate Retreat

Your accomplishments are countless: Leave the office behind and take an informal moment to disconnect and better reconnect with colleagues. We can customize your retreat to your needs. Many options are available: inspirational breakfast, yoga classes, teambuilding workshop, wellness conference, catering services and more!

Suspended during COVID-19

Lieu de réunion inusité

Business Meeting

You suffer from acute conferencitis? Let yourself be inspired by our unconventional meeting spaces and reinvent your corporate meetings.

Starting from $400 per hour



With a full range of services delivered in a breathtaking setting, Bota Bota allows you to host your guests in a picturesque environment. Your team will remember this event fondly!

Starting from $400 per hour

Preferential rates for our water circuit

No Need to Leave your Offices or the Comfort of your Home!

Can’t get away from your workplace? No problem! Our team of experts will travel to your business place to deliver a full suite of corporate services in the comfort of your offices. We also offer virtual services that promote the well-being of work teams. All you need is access to a computer and an Internet connection.


Everyone’s talents are an essential component within the organization. Building your team’s commitment will deliver a harmonious community.

Virtual Wellness Workshop

By combining interactive exercises and educational concepts, the workshop gives the tools you need to recognize each employee’s unique contribution and empower talents around the importance of well-being in the workplace. The workshop promotes synergy and helps optimize your communications. An opportunity to create a positive, productive work environment with resilient teams, ready to take on the world!

Starting from $240,00

Minimum duration of 60 minutes

Massage à domicile Moscafi

Moscafi, the massage therapy service at the office or at home, by Bota Bota

The Moscafi crew consists of an attendant dedicated to the comfort of your employee. He takes care to recreate the sound and olfactory atmosphere of Bota Bota, while setting up the massage table with care and gentleness. Already relaxed by the scent of eucalyptus, and the relaxing music, the massage can begin… Therapeutic, Swedish, relaxation… Moscafi offers a wide range of treatments provided by our certified massage therapists. Once the massage is finished, we continue to take care of your client. In a perfectly synchronized ballet, the massage therapist takes his leave while the flight attendant Bota Bota erases the traces of his passage … Your employee simply keeps the memory of an exceptional moment of relaxation…

Starting from $200,00

Massage sur chaise dehors

Chair Massages

These massages are delivered by registered therapists on chairs that take up very little space and are easily integrated in a leisure zone to slow the pace between activities. We provide insurance receipts upon request.

Starting from $370,00

Minimum 3 hours

Goodies Bota Bota: Peignoir, bouteille d'eau réutilisable, bougie, huile essentielle

Personalized Items

Personalized bathrobes, self-massage balls, reusable water bottles, essential oils, logbooks, candles, Éminence and Babor products, you are spoiled for choice!

Price upon request



For further details, please contact our Corporate Advisor:

514 284-0333 poste 255