As the creators of Bota Bota, we believe that our spa is much more than a collection of saunas and whirlpools: it is a true relaxation destination, with an emphasis on quality and excellence, where all interactions are inspired by Sanitas per Aquam: health through water. Our guiding purpose is to maximize the well-being of our passengers while embracing Montréal’s creative spirit and adapting to the realities of modern life. Our chosen ambassadors are tasked with conveying the values that we hold so dear: take the time to nourish the mind and body, and step outside our daily routines to refocus and recover. Passionate, active, engaged and influential, our ambassadors are a true source of inspiration.


Jennifer Abel

jenniferSource : @Steph Polic

Perseverant, determined, and talented, Jennifer Abel is definitely our favourite Olympian. A diver since the age of four, Jennifer won the hearts of Quebecers by taking home a bronze medal, together with Emilie Heymans, at the London Olympic Games in 2012. Jennifer exudes strength, resilience and patience. For Jennifer, Bota Bota is not only a beautiful and accessible location, the spa and its baths are also a tool for muscle recovery after competitions or intensive training. It’s her perfect place to relax, recover, and reconnect with yourself.


Marie-Julie Gagnon


Creative, curious, and spirited, Marie-Julie Gagnon defines herself first as an explorer. Author, columnist, blogger and social network addict (@technomade), she has worked on varied media platforms for twenty years and has shared her Taxi-Brousse blog ( since 2008. She writes a weekly column and articles on, and is part of the team of collaborators on Les Éclaireurs (Radio-Canada Première) and Salut, bonjour! week-end (TVA). Marie-Julie has published eight books, including Le voyage pour les filles qui ont peur de tout (Michel Lafon publishing, 2015, Québec and Europe). A runner and Pilates enthusiast, Marie-Julie has found a way her survive the winter; by warming up at our spa. It’s where she goes to care of herself that’s only a quick metro ride away.


Tamy Emma Pépin


Adventurous, creative and well-informed, Tamy Emma Pepin has been a loyal client of the spa since day one. She has made a name for herself in the media industry, both on television and on the web, Tamy is recognized on social media (@tamyemmapepin) as someone with clear views and a modern take on feminism. She hosted the TV travel show Tamy@UK, as well as #TamyUSA. Entrepreneur, director, producer and host, Tamy is a force of nature who inspires women of her generation. In her spare time, Tamy travels extensively and collaborates with Oxfam to help shed light on inequalities around the world. Her resolution for this year? Take more time for herself.